Seamless online account opening for individual entrepreneurs - explore Birbank Biznes mobile app now



Birbank Biznes always provides convenient and efficient features for individual entrepreneurs, including various products. With the new function added to the Birbank Biznes mobile application, individual entrepreneurs can now open accounts online through the mobile application without the need to visit bank branches or register through the website.

After downloading the Birbank Biznes mobile application, by clicking the müştəri ol” button, individuals can fill in preliminary information about themselves and their company, sign contracts with “Asan İmza” and complete video facial recognition procedures, thus being able to open an account within almost 3 minutes.

Without wasting time, you can now download the Birbank Biznes mobile application and open an entrepreneur account by clicking on :

It should be noted that the Birbank Business mobile application offers a range of services that business owners regularly use:

   - Opening online business accounts

   - Domestic and international transfers

   - Casless currency exchange

   - Applying for business loans

   - QR cash withdrawals from current and card accounts

   - Mobile POS

   - Ordering, delivery, and activation of business cards

   - Payroll card activation

   - Online tracking of POS operations and obtaining statements

   - Click-to-pay service

   - AI-based “Chat” service

   - Utility payments (budget, utilities, etc.)

   - Supervision of directives, etc.

Birbank Biznes brings together many banking products that entrepreneurs use every day: For more information about Birbank Biznes go to the website call the 896 information center.