Innovation in the Banking Sector: Birbank Biznes Introduces “Maestro” Tariff



Birbank Biznes has announced the launch of a groundbreaking, highly profitable product tailored specifically for businesses.

This innovative offering includes essential banking operations and products, setting a new standard in the banking industry of Azerbaijan. Customers can now select the specific volume and variety of transactions and services that align perfectly with the unique needs of their business, allowing them to create their own tariff packages.

This innovative product creates an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs and companies to enhance their business management with the added convenience of adapting tariffs to suit their unique needs. Moreover, “Maestro” offers the potential for savings up to 65% on bank fees, presenting favorable conditions and substantial cost-cutting benefits.

It is essential to highlight that clients have the flexibility to create tariff packages according to their business needs through a range of specified operations and services, including:

-        Transfers in national currency within the country

-        Transfers abroad

-        Filling up salary cards

-        Currency exchange

-        Cash withdrawals from ATMs using business and entrepreneur cards

-        Ordering and delivery of salary, business cards, and entrepreneur cards

The “Maestro” tariff offers a distinctive advantage to business owners: the option to use the product without the need to visit the bank. Instead, they can simply pay an annual service fee through Birbank Biznes. Customers can also take advantage of a specific number of complimentary currency exchanges based on the banking services they select.

To get more information or to order the time and cost-effective “Maestro” tariff, please log into your account using the following link:, navigate to the “Maestro” section through the “Tariffs” menu. Alternatively, you can contact our information center at 896 for further assistance.