Kapital Bank updated the Müştəri Bank system and renamed it to Birbank Biznes



Kapital Bank has rebranded and renamed the Müştəri Bank online banking system for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. The service updated its logo, interface, corporate colors and changed its name to Birbank Biznes. The update is a more modern and functional version of its predecessor.

To switch to the new system, current Müştəri Bank users only need to update their application. The new interface and identity makes the service more user friendly.

Birbank Biznes allows users to remotely use such services as: opening corporate bank accounts, transfers in national and foreign currencies, urgent transfers, cashless payments, ordering and delivery of business cards, special tariff packages for business clients, Mobile POS, QR-code cash withdrawal from settlement and card accounts, e-commerce, Click to Pay, document flow, mass signing of documents, business loan application, bank guarantee, customs credit card, Open API platform, joining to a salary project, toping up, ordering and delivering of salary cards, tracking POS transactions online and receiving statements, contacting support via live chat, installing a POS terminal, etc.

The easy-to-use and secure Birbank Biznes app is supported by iOS and Android devices. To download the application follow https://my.birbank.business.