Red Hearts collected about 200 kg of used household batteries



Since May of this year, the Red Hearts Foundation, together with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources and the Bravo supermarket chain, has been implementing an environmental project called “Recycle batteries, protect nature”. As part of the project, used household portable batteries are collected and sent for recycling to LLC Təhlükəli Tullantılar (“Harmful Waste”).

Four months after the start of the project, the foundation collected about 200 kg of unusable batteries via special boxes installed in supermarkets in Baku. This means preventing pollution of about 43,000 cubic meters of land. The main goal of the project is to separate used batteries from other waste, to minimize their negative impact on the environment and human health.

The project has a very important ecological and educational significance in the context of environmental protection, restoration of ecological balance, promotion of recycling, waste reduction, prevention and effective management of harmful effects of battery waste. In the future, similar battery boxes are planned to be placed in other cities and regions.

Red Hearts was founded in December 2019 at the initiative of Kapital Bank employees. The organization, which currently operates as a foundation, mainly provides assistance to orphanages, shelters and people in need. For more information please visit