Entrepreneurs can sign agreements with Kapital Bank using “ASAN Imza”



Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs can now sign agreements with Kapital Bank for financing products using “ASAN Imza”. Customers no longer need to waste time visiting bank offices to sign loan and guarantee agreements.

Financing products include loan, overdraft, bank guarantee, and trade finance (factoring, sales financing and pre-shipment finance). Surety contracts and pledge agreements can also be signed with the help of “ASAN Imza”. In addition, those who want to get an enhanced mobile electronic signature can do so in Kapital Bank’s branches of Merkez, Yasamal, Ganjlik, Nasimi, Sabail and Khatai, without visiting the tax authorities and ASAN service centers.

It should be noted that Kapital Bank regularly offers entrepreneurs new opportunities. With the help of the recently introduced Client Profile (“Muştəri profile”) platform, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs can create a personal account and apply for financing products without opening a bank account or connecting to the Client Bank internet banking system.

Through the personal cabinet of the Client Profile platform, entrepreneurs can get detailed information about all the business financing products offered by Kapital Bank. Customers do not need to visit the offices or contact the bank's representatives to place an order for any of these products.

Until June 30, 2021, clients will receive a 30% discount on issuance fees and other benefits when applying through the Client Profile platform for products such as loan, trade finance and overdraft in the AZN currency. Visit https://kbl.az/cbpcr to use the service.