Deposits in liquidated banks to be repaid through Kapital Bank branches



We would like to announce that the repayment of deposits of up to 17,000 manats in liquidated banks Atrabank, Royalbank, Kredobank, Zaminbank, Bank of Azerbaijan, Qafqaz İnkişaf Bankı, Bank Standard, Yunayted Kredit Bank, Texnikabank, Dəmirbank and Gəncəbank has started through Kapital Bank branches since October 16, 2019.

It should be noted that depositors of the listed banks are invited to apply with an identity card to the corresponding branches of Kapital Bank. The return of accounts payable to individuals will be carried out in a non-cash form.

Kapital Bank, having the biggest branch network in Azerbaijan, is at the service of customers with 100 branches and 13 departments. For more detailed information about the Bank’s products and services, please refer to website, 196 Call Centre or the Bank’s various social network pages.