With Birbank cards spend 200 AZN and earn 30 AZN



Birbank, the country’s first digital bank, has launched the new campaign called “Spend 200 AZN, earn 30 AZN”. Customers obtaining Birbank Cashback installment card online by October 2nd will earn a one-time bonus of 30 AZN upon making cashless payment in the amount of 200 AZN or more within the first 30 days from the moment of the card activation.

The campaign includes installment, POS terminal, and payments. The bonus will be transferred to a customer’s cashback balance within 3 business days after the payment.

The campaign is available for customers who obtain Birbank Chasback card through Birbank mobile app, as well as https://birbank.az/ or https://www.kapitalbank.az/ websites. For more information about the campaign, please visit: https://Kbl.az/bctpr

Financial transactions, money transfers, cash withdrawals (and equivalent operations), payment of fines, as well as government, loan, utility, and insurance payments do not participate in the campaign. Additionally, customers with active Kapital Bank credit cards and a usage period of more than 90 days will not be eligible for the campaign.

For more detailed information about Birbank card refer to https://birbank.az, 196 Call Centre or the card’s Facebook or Instagram pages. To order a card, download the Birbank app, send an SMS with the text “1” to the 8196 short code, contact us via WhatsApp at (+994 50) 999 81 96 or visit the Birbank centers.