Kapital Bank’s customers has won “Thirteenth” salary



As we informed, customers who receive their salary through Kapital Bank payment cards would be able to participate in the stimulating lottery "13-cü maaş" ("thirteenth salary") and won a prize in the amount of the official monthly salary. During the lottery draw, which took place on January 16, 2019, 10 winners were randomly chosen among the customers who receive salary through Kapital Bank cards.

It should be noted that the amount will be transferred to the client's salary card in the coming days.

According to the terms of the lottery, customers who had made cashless payments through POS-terminals and on the Internet automatically became participants of the lottery. Each non-cash payment of at least 10 AZN was equal to one chance in the lottery. Payment of fees, utilities and credit, as well as Card-to-card transactions were not included in the draw.

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