The second draw of Birbank’s “10 001 gifts” lottery has completed



As we have already informed, Birbank — the country’s first digital bank — is holding “10 001 gifts” lottery, consisting of 3 draws. The second draw of the lottery took place on November 13. A total of 10 343 316 chances that belong to 1 073 230 cards participated in this draw. 3 333 cards randomly selected live became winners of the second draw. In the second draw the winners won 1 prize in the amount of 10 000 AZN, 2 travel packages worth of 1 000 AZN, 30 gift coupons from “Umico Market” worth of 500 AZN, 1 000  “Umico” bonuses worth of 10, as well as 2 300 cashbacks worth of 5 AZN. For more information about the winners:

It should be noted that Birbank’s “10,001 gifts” lottery will continue until December 15. The lottery gives everyone, who pays with Birbank cards, a chance to win a 2-room apartment, cash prizes worth of 10 000 AZN, and travel packages. The conditions for participating in the lottery, which also offers 500 AZN gift coupons from “Umico Market”, “Umico” bonuses and thousands of cashbacks, are very simple.

Participating in the lottery could not be easier. All you have to do is make payments of 20 manats or more using your Birbank debit or installment card, and you automatically become a participant. When you make payment with your debit card, you get one chance, but if you opt for Birbank app transfers, installment transactions, utilize the Ninja feature, make cash withdrawals, or conduct other financial transactions with your Birbank installment card, you earn five chances. Plus, every purchase made with both your debit or installment card at Umico Market gives you an additional chance. QR code payments give holders 10 more chances. For more detailed information about the lottery, click on the following

Users can earn chances for up to 20 transactions per day. To check your lottery participation status, visit the above link and enter your FIN code. The next draw of the lottery will be held on December 27. Stay tuned for announcements, which will be posted on Kapital Bank’s social media pages and website.

Please note that the 2-bedroom apartment, which is the main prize of the lottery, is located in Khazri Residence housing complex. Additionally, when purchasing a sea-view apartment from the Khazri Residence housing complex and providing Birbank promo code, customers will be eligible for discounts of up to 12,000 AZN. You can use this link for the discount:

For more detailed information about Birbank card refer to, 196 Call Centre or the card’s Facebook or Instagram pages. To order a card, download the Birbank app, send an SMS with the text “1” to the 8196 short code, contact us via WhatsApp at (+994 50) 999 81 96 or visit the Birbank digital centers.