Grow your existing business with favorable payment terms and low interest rates thanks to Kapital Bank microcredit for small businesses.

  • 1 000 - 100 000 AZN Loan amount
  • Starting from 16% Annual interest rate
  • Up to 36 months Loan term
  • Annuity Type of payment

Application form

  • Opportunity to get a loan without visiting the place of residence
  • Opportunity to get a loan without collateral and guarantor
  • Access to the nearest branch service through an extensive branch network
  • Opportunity to use grace months for loan repayment
  • Age limit: over 20
  • TIN
  • Entrepreneurship and professional activity: minimum 12 months

Annual interest rate mainly calculates based on collateral and credit history

1000 100 000
6 ay 36 ay
16 % 28 %

Monthly payment



Birbank Cashback card (For entrepreneurs)

It is a unique card providing cashless payments with installment starting from 1.5% cashback, interest-free and commission-free.

  • freeCard price
  • up to 10,000 AZNCard limit
  • up to 63 daysGrace period

Birbank Miles (For entrepreneurs)

A unique card that gives a bonus of 1 mile per 1 AZN for cashless payments with the card, free air travel, interest-free and commission-free installments.

  • freeCard price
  • up to 10,000 AZNCard limit
  • up to 40 daysGrace period