You can apply to your local branch (unit) to connect to this service. You will proposed to sign an Birbank service agreement. The service will be activated within 3 business days. The service is free of charge.

Kapital Bank deposits meet every single requirement by providing opportunities to acquire interest rates monthly or at the end of the period, reduce or increase the fund upon request both in local and foreign currency.
- "Kapital" deposit
- "Upon Request" Deposit
- Deposit safes

Digital card is a virtual debit card that can be issued through the BirBank mobile app without having to come to the Bank's branches.

Benefits are:
Possibility to withdraw cash via ATMs 24 hours a day
Ability to make purchases over the internet
Payment of the cost of services and goods on the territory of the Republic and abroad
Contactless payment technology

You can increase your card balance through the branches, Cash in ATMs and MilliON payment terminal.

Our bank offers the following loan products to customers:

Cash consumer loans
Urgent credit line overdraft product
Secured loan in manat
BirKart credit card
Deposit secured loan
Consumer loans
Consumer loans for non-card holders

Credit products are available to persons who either have their salary/pension from Kapital Bank or have official revenue However, the final decision on issuing the loan is determined according to the bank's internal rules and based on analysis of customer.

You can apply for a credit with your ID card or military servant's card.

More information about BirKart - New Birbank Card is available at Birbank.az website.

The following documents can be used to perform a transaction:
1. ID card (for citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan);
2. passport or permanent/temporary residence permit in the Republic of Azerbaijan (for foreign citizens);
3. ID card of persons without citizenship residing permanently in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, temporary and permanent residence permits of persons without citizenship in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
4. military card (for military servants);
5. documents issued to persons who voluntarily entered the military service, military officers and women (except for cadents enrolled for full military service), depending on the type of military service;
6. military card of cadets who are citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan enrolled for full military service;
7. refugee certificate (for refugees).