Deposit kartı

  • Deposit amount from 100 AZN/USD
  • Maximum interest rate 8%

Kapital deposit calculator

You can increase the amount up to half of the period along with a high interest rate with Kapital deposit.


End of period

12 month 18 month 24 month 36 month
  • Gross interest income

    3 200

  • Monthly interest income



  • Deposit period - 12, 18, 24, 36
  • Minimum amount - 100 AZN/USD
  • Maximum amount – no limit
  • Interest payments - Monthly or at the end of deposit period
  • Adding funds to the deposit - Up until the middle of the deposit period (amount added must be at least 100 AZN/USD)
  • According to Article 102.1.22 of the Tax Code, as from February 1, 2023, a 10% tax will be charged on deposit interest for Individuals.

Interest rates

Deposit period (months) Monthly payment of interest Payment of interest at the end of the period



12 6.0% 6.5%
18 6.5% 7.0%
24 7.0% 7.5%
36 7.5% 8.0%

Kapital deposit provides customers with a high interest rate and the opportunity to increase the amount deposited up until the middle of the deposit period.

Deposit replenishment

Deposit replenishment through Kapital Bank payment terminal

Select "Choose the banking service" menu in the Kapital Bank payment terminal


Select "Deposit replenishment" service among the banking services


Enter the payer's PIN code and the CIF of the deposit


Select the corresponding contract number to replenish the deposit


Check the consistency of data


Insert the cash into the terminal and confirm the payment