Bank Payments

You can easily access various bank transactions through Kapital Bank and Birbank. Benefit from the advantages of online transactions with Kapital Bank.

With the payment services of Kapital Bank, it is now easier to make bank payments without leaving your place. Using the services, you can make money transfers between accounts, utility, landline, and credit payments online. Transfer your cash to other bank accounts conveniently. Make online payments quickly using the Birbank mobile application or Kapital Bank's website. To make your payments from the Birbank application, go to the “Payments and Transfers” section and select the appropriate category. In addition to making online bank statements at Birbank, make your payments faster by creating templates related to your transactions. By using online services, you can simultaneously get information about your credit debt and avoid interest on late fees by paying ahead of time. Birbank mobile application and Kapitalbank. az allows you to make your bank payments anytime without waiting in line at the bank. You can easily track your transactions in the account history.