Visa Business Gold

Used throughout the world for execution of purchase operations and cash withdrawal

  • Card price 3 years - 60 AZN
  • Connection to BirBank mobile application Free
  • Currency AZN, USD, EUR


Used for shopping and cash withdrawals all over the world and the name of the company is displayed on the cards.

  • The name of the company is displayed on the cards.
  • Cards useful to work both in debit and credit mode.
  • Business and office expenses, purchase of air and other tickets, hotel booking, car rental, utility, communication and other business expenses are more convenient and operative for the company;
  • Can be used to pay your company's expenses (payment of service fees, purchase of goods, etc.)
  • Supervisors and employees will be able to easily and accurately distinguish their business expenses from their personal expenses;

Other cards

Birbank Cashback installment
  • 2x ƏDV & up to 30% cashback
  • up to 7500 partners
Birbank Umico installment
  • Cashback: starting from 1.5%
  • up to 7500 partners