BirKart VAT (Debit)

Earn a bonus from us up to the amount of VAT refunded during non-cash POS terminal transactions.

  • Card price 5 AZN
  • Currency AZN/USD/EUR
  • Card term 36 months

Online card order

How to find PIN code on ID card?

  • old-fin Köhnə tip şəxsiyyət vəsiqəsi
  • new-fin Yeni Ş/Vni tip şəxsiyyət vəsiqəsi


BirKart VAT Debit Card is a unique bank card provided by Kapital Bank, which allows you to earn a double VAT bonus on non-cash transactions through local POS terminals.

  • The transaction must be made with a VAT debit card. The receipt submitted by the cashier must be scanned through and Birbank, otherwise the additional (double cashback) amount will not be refunded;
  • Before scanning the receipt, the cardholder`s PIN and the PIN code registered on must be the same, otherwise cashback will not be refunded;
  • Payment must be made fully in non-cash or as a lump sum. You will not earn double cashback with partly non-cash, partly cash, bonus, credit or advance payments;
  • If the time difference between the receipts printed by cash register and POS terminal during the transaction is more than 30 minutes, it will not be possible to refund double cashback;

Free cash-out and free transfers with BirKart VAT (Debit):

  • Cash-out of up to AZN 4,000 per month on each card account at Kapital Bank's ATMs and POS terminals (including cash withdrawal via QR code and Cash by Code service) - with no commission.
  • Domestic card-to-card transactions on Birbank, UmicoBank and Kapital Bank’s ATMs - with no commission.
  • Standard commission will be charged for cash-out of over AZN 4,000 (cash withdrawal - 1% min. 1 AZN/USD/EUR, card-to-card 0.5% min. 1.50 AZN/USD/EUR)


  • The specified limit of up to AZN 4,000 or equivalent on commission-free operations is applied as a general limit on cash withdrawal and card-to-card transactions
  • The limit is applied separately to each card account. In case the customer holds an additional card linked to the primary one, the limit of AZN 4,000 or equivalent is applied to both cards
  • The limit is applied on a monthly basis and is renewed on the first day of each month
  • No commission is charged for transactions of up to AZN 4,000 or equivalent on foreign currency denominated cards
  • The specified limit on commission-free operations is applied only to transactions performed via Kapital Bank's ATMs and POS terminals
  • Limit on commission-free card-to-card transactions specified in the terms is applied to domestic banks (the limit is not applied to transfers to Kapital Bank cards). The terms are also applied to customers that received cards earlier. 
  • The terms are not applied to customers requesting cash withdrawal from service network cashiers with no physical card.

You can get BirKart VAT card also from Bravo supermarkets by paying only 1 AZN.

  • You can read about the identification process of cards obtained from supermarkets in the step-by-step instructions of “BirKart VAT debit card identification process”;
  • If you do not go through the identification process, you can use the mentioned card only as a "prepaid card without user identification".

Step-by-step instructions of BirKart VAT debit card identification process will help you activate the card through Birbank. Only one card can be identified for each PIN.









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