Starting from 50,000 AZN


Maximum 36 months


In national currency: from 12%, abroad: from 8%


Real estate, guarantee

5 reasons to get a loan from Kapital Bank:

Loans are given within 3 business days;

There is not any requirement for the maximum amount of a loan, the amount is determined only by the volume of your business;

Individual approach to loan interest rate and commission;

Individual approach to loan provision;

Minimum documents.


Loan purpose:

To increase circulating assets ;

To acquire fixed assets;

To invest in existing fixed assets (repair, reconstruction);

Loan commitments in other banks


To increase circulating assets – for up to 24 months;

For other purposes – for up to 36 months.

Payment methods:

Payment based on annuity table (by equal monthly installments);

Based on the individually made table depending on the season of the business.

Lines of credit

Loan purpose:

To increase circulating assets


Up to 12 months

Payment methods:

Monthly interest payment, the principal amount at the end of the period

NFES`s loans

Loan amount Loan term Grace period Interest rate
5 000 – 50 000 AZN
Up to 3 years
Up to 18 months
50 001 – 500 000 AZN
Up to 5 years
Up to 30 months
500 001 – 10 000 000 AZN
Up to 10 years
Up to 60 months

Сredit application:

Procedure for getting business loans:

You apply to any branch of Kapital Bank nearest to you;

You provide the necessary documentation for the analysis, your business is analyzed
by the experts of the Bank and the Bank makes a decision on a loan issue;

Loan and pledge agreements are formalized;

You use loan products.

Requirements for borrowers:

Customers shall be individual entrepreneurs or legal entities;

They shall operate in current business at least 1 year;

Their business shall be profitable.

Business loans are bank loans provided to entrepreneurs who want to start a new business or grow their existing business. Kapital Bank that provides loans to start a business supports the development of entrepreneurship with its low interest rates. Continue reviewing to get acquainted with the terms of business loans which small and large companies can easily apply. Annual interest rates on loan products provided starting from AZN 50 000 are set at 12% for national currency and 8% for foreign currency. Interest rates applied to business loans are determined based on an individual approach. The maximum loan amount you can get from the bank is determined by the scope of business. Business loans allow you managing conveniently. As such, you can use your loan without any restrictions for your business plans such as technological innovations, new job opportunities, without supervision of the bank.

Online order for Credit

You can order business loans in national and foreign currencies online.

The legal form of the organization


Product type