BirKart Miles card (For entrepreneurs)

A unique card that gives a bonus of 1 mile per 1 AZN for cashless payments with the card, free air travel, interest-free and commission-free installments.

  • 1 AZN = 1 mile Collection of miles
  • about 3000 Partners
  • free Price of the card
  • interest-free installment Installment

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We offer our clients an installment card they can get without effort.



500 10 000
3 Month 24 Month

monthly payment




  • Service fee - 3 AZN per month; (For non-cash payments in the amount of AZN 1,000 per month through BirKart (excluding credit payments and transfers), the monthly service fee for this month is not charged)
  • You can only cash out up to 50% of your BirKart limit
  • When used as a credit card (when cashing out), the interest rate on the loan is 25%
  • BirKart can be obtained by individuals engaged in entrepreneurship and agricultural activities
  • Age limit: over 20 years old
  • Entrepreneurial activity must be at least 12 months (Tax payments for the last 6 months are taken into account)
  • Required documents: ID card and TIN