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Payroll projects

Kapital Bank has a leading position in the market of payment cards for many years. Having a high level of experience and professionalism in the field of payment cards, Kapital Bank offers you to pay the salaries of your employees using international payment cards within the “Payroll” project.


For the company

To benefit from the complex services of the country`s largest private bank

Easy joining and fast service

Salary payment with one transaction

Full safety, minimum risk

24/7 consulting on banking services by the individual manager

Service with individual rates

Reducing the workload the accounting department of the company, additional time for paying salaries, workforce, eliminating costs

Not distracting employees from working process

Opportunity to transfer salaries to accounts automatically within a working day


For the employees

Free cashing from over 600 ATM networks throughout the country;

Granting loans with special preferential terms;

Cashing and purchasing& sales operations in any country of the world in any currency;

Online shopping and payment for various services;

Inform the employee via SMS when salary is transferred (“SMS info” service);

Opportunity to transfer cash from multiple payment terminals across the country

Using all banking services without having to come to the bank via “BİRBANK” mobile software;

To benefit from the advantages of BirKart Taksit and BirKart Cashback cards;


For managers

Gold card gift for managers with more than 20 employees;

Platinum card gift for managers with more than 50 employees;

BirKart Taksit or BirKart Cashback card as a gift;

Online order for joining Payroll project

You can order salary cards for your employees online.

The legal form of the organization