Business services

Mobile POS
A unique service replacing traditional POS terminal and allowing to accept contactless payments on Android mobile devices.

How to join?

Mobile POS ensures the following:

  • Any taxpayer can accept cashless payments on mobile devices anywhere and anytime. Note: you need a device running on the Android operating system and supporting NFC.
  • If above requirements are met you can accept payments regardless of the tool used (bank card, sticker, smart watch, Apple Pay and Google Pay).


  • With Mobile POS there is no need for any additional device. Thus there is no risk that the device may lose network connectivity or run out of power. Also, unlike traditional POS-terminals, no deposit amount is required to connect to Mobile POS.

Who can benefit from the service?

Mobile POS is designed for all taxpayers, including:

  • Employees of large delivery companies (courier, taxi driver, freight handler, etc.)
  • Small businesses (hairdresser, tailor, pharmacy, cobbler, kiosque, fruit and vegetable stores)
  • Entrepreneurs (small and medium-sized enterprises) participating in major sporting and cultural events
  • Stores implementing card transactions in relatively small amounts (it is not feasible to get a POS-terminal)

Most Android devices from Samsung, Sony, LG, Alcatel, Nokia, Xiaomi and other brands support NFC. Check your phone's instructions.

Yes, you can proceed with payments using Apple device that has a Visa card and MasterCard linked to it.

There are no limits, however when paying by card, you may be asked to enter a PIN code for some transactions.

Yes, if the amount of payment exceeds AZN 100.

Yes, the receipt can be sent to customer's email or via SMS. The receipt can also be shared as a QR code.

The customer needs to enter email address/telephone on the seller's device.

All solutions based on Mobile POS technology comply with Visa security requirements and have been tested for security and proper operation. Similar to smart cards, OTP is being sent for each contactless transaction. This securely protects your payment information.