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General information

Once a cash-in-transit agreement has been entered into, Kapital Bank ensures physical transfer of your cash in a flexible manner and without any financial risk, thus allowing your employees to avoid the risk of transporting cash personally. Valuables and cash are transported in special armored vehicle. The professionalism of our staff and our modern communications and security systems ensure CIT safety.


Kapital Bank offers a full spectrum of cash-in-transit (CIT) services:

Physical transfer of customers’ cash;

Counting customers’ cash and transferring it to accounts;

Delivery of salaries paid in cash;

Delivery of valuables.


Advantages of CIT services at Kapital Bank:

Flexible rate plan, regardless of the number of valuables;

Free provision of as many bags for cash-in-transit as necessary;

Cash-in-transit schedules designed with the customer’s convenience in mind;

Largest network in the Azerbaijan Republic;

Counting cash and transferring it to the customer’s current account.